We believe God’s Holy Word that tells us to go into all the world to lead all people into a faith relationship with Jesus Christ in order that they may experience forgiveness of sins and newness of life. The Bible teaches us that God has provided people, Missionaries, whom He endows with special gifts to accomplish this task.  He calls the local body of believers, His church, to support those Missionaries with our prayers, financial support and love.


Jesus has trusted us to be about His business both here in Guilford and throughout the world.  Bethel Assembly is committed with a passion to those who have answered the call of Jesus to spread the Gospel to all who have not yet heard or know about the transforming Grace of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.


God has launched a whole new generation of cross-cultured missionaries who bring the Gospel to every known people of this world, telling them that Jesus loves them!


What an incredible task we have to share in – what an opportunity we have to be part of this great commission – to share the Grace of God!  We are humbled by Him using us in this fashion to PRAY, FAST, GIVE and GO!


We want to share some of these Missionaries with you.  It is truly amazing what they are accomplishing for the Lord!


                    Timothy Anderson in ECUADOR·                     Ramzy Asfour in AGMENA

·                   Bob Hoskins in BOOK OF HOPE            ·         Fred Howsare in ASIA PACIFIC

·                   Dewey Huston in AFRICA GEN              ·         Fred Kovach at GLOBAL UNIVERISTY

·                   Gene LeMay in LATIN AMERICA           ·         Aaron Rothganger in NORTH ASIA

·                                                            Bernie Smith in WAAST

We also support through the Assemblies of God BGMC (Boys and Girls Missionary Crusade), Teen Challenge and our Youth support Speed the Light.


Join with us in praying for these precious workers as they leave family and friends to carry God's message of love and hope to foreign lands.