The steps to peace – and eternal life – are so simple, they almost seem TOO simple.  And yet they've worked over and over, and they'll work for you.

FIRST, you must recognize what God has done for you by sending His Son, Jesus.  He has made it possible for your sins to be forgiven.

SECOND, you must repent of your sins.  Jesus said you must be more than just "sorry" for the things you have done.  With God's help, you must be willing to change.

THIRD, you must invite Jesus Christ into your life by faith.  The Bible says we cannot save ourselves.

FOURTH, you need to confess Christ openly.  When you tell someone - a pastor or one or two friends - that you have accepted Christ's love, your first steps in this new direction will be firm and sure.  Telling someone else demonstrates that you mean business and take this important decision seriously.

Your new life in Christ can begin right now ... right where you are.  Begin by praying this prayer or use your own words to ask Jesus Christ to come into your life:

     God, I admit that I have sinned against You, and against others.  I am sorry for the things I have done,   

     the thoughts I have had, the harsh words I have said.  I am willing to turn away from all those things ...

     to let You change me.  I openly and gladly invite Jesus Christ to come into my life.  I want to follow Him 

     in every way, every day from now on.  And I believe that I will share in Your free gift of eternal life. 

     Thank you, God, for hearing my prayer.  Amen.

Congratulations!  You just made the most important decision of your life!  Now tell someone - a friend, your pastor, someone that has been speaking to you about Christ.  As Jesus works in your life, tell others.  As they see the changes in your life, they will want that same change in their life.  You will be blessed as you tell others of your wonderful new life in Christ!